Creative flare and problem solving has always been a key driver, utilising creative advantage in the field of work. With over 10 years experience in various integrating roles, has become a jack of all trades. From a Marketer and Advertiser with a strong Retail, Digital, Advertising, Brand partnership and Visual Merchandising background, to a Designer in Fashion, Comms collateral as well as Graphic Design & Video Production capabilities to produce creative content. Has lead and managed large integrated projects and campaigns, specialising in Telecommunications, AV, Fashion, Brand and Retail industries, using expertise in these fields to deliver innovation & Global first class executions.

Throughout career has continually excelled in extra curricular achievements and awards to build experience as well challenge and push boundaries of creativity in order to achieve personal and professional success.

If in search of the the Australian, Sydney based Fashion Designer YVONNE LING visit the below website.